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Use our time-tested experience generating over 1 million social interactions. MAKE YOUR CAMPAIGN MEMORABLE From planning to scheduling, Stranger Social offers everything you need to build a rock-solid social campaign. .


Reach your customer right where they engage through tailored ad campaigns. THE RIGHT EYEBALLS Smart advertising campaigns are built with equal parts creative assets and the right targeting.


From concept to delivery, Gopeers Social will execute your creative efficiently and effectively. BEAUTIFUL. SIMPLE. EFFECTIVE. Work hand-in-hand with Gopeers Social to build a website that you’re proud of, all for FREE.

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Welcome to GOpeers. Ethiopian-based digital marketing and development firm piloted by disruptive creative strategy. From social media management services to full-scale web development and strategic planning, GOpeers Social offers tailored solutions for marketing behemoths and boutique brands alike.

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It's all about the result, check out what other companies have accomplished with GOpeers.
Lotus Printing Press.
*62,687 People Reached- *$20.00 Total Spend- *474 Photo clicks- *854 post likes- *0ver 2000 phone calls
ሎተስ ፕሪንቲንግ ፕረስ / የማተሚያ ቤት. ለማንኛውም የህትመት ስራ
Yegna Marathon
*122,502 People Reached- *$28.76 Total Spend- *4,133 Engagements- *2384 Post clicks- *1409 Post likes- *Over 1000 people registered.
Yegna Marathon is a for-profit organization with a mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports, especially running.
Ethio Trader
*220,952 People Reached- *$35.00 Total Spend- *31,978 Photo clicks- *33,830 Engagements- *1182 Post likes *over 200 Phone calls a day.
Ethiopia’s biggest classified page. Check out thousands of used cars, houses for rent or for sale through out Ethiopia.
NTO- National Tour Operations
*152,584 People reaches- *6730 Page likes- *$50 Total spend- *$0.01 Cost per Result
With three decades experience in the tourism sector and its worldwide corporate image, NTO has a vision to be one of the leading tour operator’s travel agencies in East Africa. Privatized in 2010 and wholly Ethiopia owned by the biggest car rental company in Ethiopia ABC plc.