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We understand that the value in digital marketing is rooted in strong content and creative. So, our client acceptance begins with an inventory of current assets, along with a forecast of necessary creative development and strategic planning to accomplish the most impactful campaigns backed by seamless social implementation. We work best when planning interactively with internal creative teams who have a passion for the brand they are promoting.


The Gopeers platform connects national brands with local consumers in the communities they serve. With Gopeers, businesses can efficiently deliver relevant localized marketing at scale across thousands of locations.


Facebook Paid Media.


500 Birr monthly Package.

Gopeers allows brands to turn one national campaign into thousands of unique, personal and targeted campaigns for each location, with just a few clicks. Thus, creating relevant content, customized by location, at a national or even global scale.


Each location a consumer buys or consumes your products is unique. Information including address, phone number, hours of operation, inventory, neighborhood demographics, and consumer generated content like photos, posts, and tweets not only define that location but also the community that surrounds it. We refer to this as a brand’s Digital Identity. This information is what a brand needs to engage with consumers in a locally relevant and authentic way. The Gopeers platform leverages these unique characteristics enabling localized marketing at scale.


Social Media has become a pivotal tool for brands to connect and engage with consumers. Gopeers’s Social Media Management solution gives brands the means to monitor, create and maintain a genuine relationship at the local level. Boost engagement and sentiment with local communities Respond immediately and appropriately to customers Curate and amplify your best earned media across channels Maximize the authenticity and relevance of owned and paid media

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